Thug Life Volume 1

Bury Me A G
Don't Get It Twisted
Shit Don't Stop
Pour Out A Little Liquor
Stay True
How Long will they Mourn Me
Under Pressure
Street Fame
Cradle To The Grave
Str8 Ballin'


Bury Me A G

Thug Life

Thinkin' back
reminiscing on my teens
a young G
getten' paid over dope fiends
fuckin' off cash that I make
nigga, what's tha sense of workin hard
if you never get tp play
i'm hustlen'
stayin' out till it's dawn
and commin' home
at 6 o'clock in tha mornin'
hand's on my glock
eye's on tha prize
finger on tha trigga when a nigga rides
shootin' craps
bustin' niggas out tha door
pick my money off tha floor
god bless tha tre-four
stuck on full, drunk again
sippin' on Gin
with a couple of friends
sayin' those thug life niggas be like major pimps
stickin' to tha rules is what made it simp
and if I die
let it be
but when they come for me
bury me a G

[Chorus x2 -- Tupac]

I ain't got time for bitches
Gotta keep my mind on my mothafucken riches
even when I die
they won't worry me
mama don't cry
bury me a G

More Trouble than tha average
just made 25 and i'm livin' like a savage
bein a G ain't no easy thing
cause you could fuck around get crossed
and get stuck in tha game
and for tha rest of your life you will sit and remineise
wonder why it had to end like this
and to tha G's you can feel my pain
till tha mothafuckas gets born again

you thought I was a game kid
i'm not tha nigga for playin games
I let my buckshots rang
when I pull tha trigga on my gauge
i'm on tha rampage
makin' runs for tha devil
ain't nothin' on my mind
will get me in some trouble
i'm tryin to ride
no more loves
for me hard to figure
get a nigga, smoke a blunt
Or is a jury starts (break that shit)
I gives a fuck nigga
stuck outta luck
when I bust
pull me to my death
but i'm a G to tha enemy

[Chorus x2 -- Tupac]

I ain't got time for bitches
gotta keep my mind on my mothafucken riches
even when I die
they won't worry me
mama don't cry
bury me a G


I got nothen' ta loose so I choose to be a killer
went from bangin' ta slangin'
now i'm a dope dealer
all my life payed tha price to be tha boss
back in school
wrote tha rules on getten' tossed
poppin' rocks on tha block was a past time
pack a 9 all the time
you wanna test mine ?
don't cry
I die before they play me
from tha cradle to tha grave
bury me

Straight Thug G
kickin' it with tha homies in tha hood
getten' drunk, smokin' blunts
a bitch said I was no good
I gives a fuck
I spend my time in tha dope spot
never had no time for no bitch
instead slangin' rocks
and bustin' caps on you punk ass marcs
fake ass G's
bitch niggas with no heart
i'm stayin' real till i'm 6 feet deep
so when a nigga gone
bury me a G

[Chorus x2 -- Tupac]

I ain't got time for bitches
gotta keep my mind on my mothafucken riches
even when I die
they won't worry me
mama don't cry
Bury Me a G


Stuck on Full
Tangaray got a nigga high
lord knows I don't need another DUI
I led a Thug Life
heartless hustler
just cause I fucked
don't mean I trust her
now my pagers vibratin'
can't sleep
so i'm mobbin' to tha ho's house
pumpin' Isely
Is it cool ta fuck is what i'm askin
Bitch recognize game and start laughen
when i'm all in those guts and shit
prayin' that a nigga don't nut too quick
cause i'll fuck and get up and let ya know
i'll be a 10 minute brotha for a $2 ho
lots a ho's get mad and shit
I let a trick be a trick
you can have that bitch
cause I doubt if I change
tha games a mothafucker
real niggas turn ta bustas
Bury Me a G

[Chorus x6 -- Tupac]

I ain't got time for bitches
Gotta Keep my mind on my mothafucken riches
even when I die
they won't worry me
Mama don't cry
bury me a G

I ain't got time for bitches --- bitches

Don't Get It Twisted

Just 'cause a nigga come in he got style
Don't think I won't flip it
Don't pull your file
But I got enough bullshit to deal with
I'm rollin' with the thugs so
You must be on drugs to the head
Get your ass break down
Broken half baby
I'm a feelin' like a motherfuckin psychopathic
And if you got beef best leave it in the freezer
I'm no joke
Mopreme straight lo
And you could get smoked
You hook the shit you get stroked
And all of that
And later be back for your motherfuckin dope sack
Kid it ain't the type of day to play doughnut
Don't get your ass sewn up
Why you leakin on my blown out
Hey, you're mixed up like a bowl of nuts
You fuck around and got it twisted up
Boy, don't get it twisted

Don't get it twisted!.....

It's the Macadoshis coming from the dark side
The park side where the O.G.s do ride
Ain't nothing but killers in the park
As many niggas lost they's heart
When my gat sparks
I'll bust a cap in that ass
Don't get it twisted
When I'm on a mission, niggas come with Mishy
You busters gettin disciplined
And you're comin' up short on your life
When i smoke you with this mac-10
When it's on it's on
Fuck it
I'm makin niggas kick the bucket when I check em' by inducis
Ain't no think to let my shit spin
You on my shit list hope you got a death wish
I tried to warn you but you missed me
You should have listened motherfucker when i said:
Don't get it twisted!


[Rated R]
Niggas got problems about gettin shit twisted
They need to stay the fuck out of grown folks business
Kids get a kick out of bumpin their big clips
But don't front no shit that brought no shit that peace started
Cause I'm a cold hearted rider straight dunkin'
never through with my streets
Never hurt nobody but my heat
East side brothers don't hear me though
They'd rather get shit twisted and gather like hoes
Bitch make ass niggas when I caught 'em
Couldn't bust a drape if they wanted
They're soft like Charmin
But I don't sweat varmits
I suffer with my black group
Just a one-day murderer
On the motherfuckin Rudy Poop
I snapped his soul, son
Ain't no damn thing funny when I spray your ass with my tongue
And your mommy can't save you now
Cause you got the job twisted up
For fuckin' with a killer


[fade out]

Shit Don't Stop

Shit don't stop [2x]

Game rules often slang to the right fools
Heavy hittin' at this motherfucker's straight spittin'
Diggin' deep into your brain while tryin to explain
why real niggas need to stick to the game
It's the same got these motherfuckers changin' on me
Jealous-ass player-haters gaming on me
Look out motherfucker homey-G
As in gettin' motherfuckers 'fore they come get me
Get down for the right for the wishes
Fake ass nigga, you in shit, for fightin' over bitches
You call that a player?
Straight-ass sissy
See me at my show nigga miss me
Cause I ain't tryin' to hear that bullshit
Got a pistol motherfucker try to pull quick
And just cause i'm rappin don't mean I ain't scrappin
And if you clip when the shit happens, it don't stop

[chorus] Shit don't stop...

Now my guess is true
Them thug life niggas is a bull
Everywhere we go
The niggas trippin at the door
I want to dance with you
You can dance at the party and not get whipped [1x]

See the shit don't stop
My 9 goes pop
Your body drip-drop
Throw that ass in a zip-loc

[Rated R]
Now you've been hauled away in a body bag
Get your Sammy D said how your blood got sneeze me

Yo you fuckin' with a thug yo your ass gets plugged
With this hollow-point slugs
With ya under the rug

[Rated R]
That's why my deaf niggas don't play that shit
In thug life niggas be the craziest

So when you think about fuckin' this
You better wear a vest
But it really don't matter
We ain't aimin' at your chest

[Rated R]
Nah we blowin holes in your motherfuckin' skull
Make sure your ass is smoked
That's all the fat lady wrote

You heard that fat bitch sing when my shit went bang-bang
But it don't pay when i flaunt your brain

[Rated R]
Nigga, ain't no plain cane brothers come no show
In the casket
Git'n they ass kicked
And blasted

It don't stop

[chorus 1x]

All I wanna do is try to Mac the hoes
Spin bank on thangs sellin me a sponsor on my foes
It's like each and every one they got the look of death
I got my 9 nigga
Don't be silly
You better watch your step

And pussies we crossin when my crew is flossin'
Bitches we tossin'
And niggas we crossin'
It's like a murder rhyme when we hit your hood
It's all good
The punks? I wish you would!

Wouldn't better to just corrolate what we bust
Instead of kickin' dust
Gets a press y'all from nuts
Cause ain't no herbs here
And ain't no morgues
Beware of the water 'cause they full of sharks

But in every state
Niggas perpetrate and test
Where I come from fools die for less
And thugs keep thugin' till their casket drop
It's on 'till I die
And the shit don't stop

[chorus 2x]

Pour Out A Little Liquor

Pour out a little liquor for your homies nigga
This one here go out to my nigga Mike Coolie
(Light up a fat one for this one)
How you come up man?

I started young kickin dust and, livin rough
You watch you mouth around my mama you couldn't cuss man
I had a down ass homie though; we ran the streets
And on the scene at the age of fourteen, huh
I packed a nine and my nigga packed a forty-five
We drinkin forties, lil' shorties livin naughty lives
You couldn't stop us, long as I got my glock, FUCK the coppers
Hangin on the block, slangin rocks and makin profits
I couldn't fuck with the schhhoooollll life, I was a fool
I'll play that motherfucker for a toooollll man
Tonight'll be the night that's what we figurin
Hustlin in the rain felt no pain cause we drinkin
Playin them hoes like manure
First let my nigga fuck and then I fuck that's how we do it (ha ha!)
It's two niggaz comin up out the hood
livin life just as good as we could
But since a bitch can't be trusted
Hoes snitched to the po-lice, now my nigga's busted
The cops whoopin on my nigga in jail
tryin to get a motherfucker to tell
And couldn't nobody diss my nigga
Damn, I miss my nigga
Pour out a little liquor!

"My cousin died last year and I still can't let go" [4X]

This goes out to all you so called G's
Pour out a little liquor for your real motherfuckin partners
Don't let the drink get like that y'all, huh
Pour out a little liquor
Pour out a little liquor
What's that you drinkin on?

Drinkin on gin, smokin on blunts and it's on
Reminisce about my niggaz, that's dead and gone
And now they buried, sometimes my eyes still get blurry
Cause I'm losin all my homies and I worry
I got my back against a brick wall, trapped in a circle
Boxin with them suckers til my knuckles turn purple
Mama told me, "Son there'll be days like this"
Don't wanna think so -- I hit the drink and stay blitzed
We had plans of bein big time G's
Rolling in marked cars, movin them keys
And now I roll up the window, blaze up some indo
Get to' down for my niggaz in the pen, yo
Your son's gettin big and strong
and I'd love'm like one of my own, til you come home and
the years sure fly with the quickness
You do the time, and I'll keep handlin yo' business
That's the way it's supposed to be
Homie, if it was me, you'd do the shit for me
Homie, I can remember scrapin back to back
Throwin dogs on them suckers runnin up on this young hog
I hope my words can paint a perfect picture
And let ya know how much a nigga miss ya
Pour out some liquor!

"My cousin died last year and I still can't let go"

Look at you
Drinkin got you where you don't even give respect to your partners
Pour out some liquor nigga!
It ain't like that
Tip that shit over
Pour out a little liquor!

"My cousin died last year and I still can't let go" [4X]

This for my nigga Madman
Dagz, Hood, Silk yeah
A little liquor for my homies y'all
We in this motherfuckin piece YEAH
Pour out a little liquor
Young Queen, YEAH
This one goes out to all my mack partners
Back in the motherfuckin Bay
Oaktown still in the motherfuckin house
(Pour out a little liquor)
My nigga Richie Rich, Gov'na
(I don't care, Nighttrain, Henessey)
All my real motherfuckin partners
(Pour out a little liquor)
And all my real partnas in Marin, fuck you busta ass niggaz
Yeah nigga, pour out a little liquor!!

Stay True


Yah nigga, Drop the top on your muthafuckin ride
This how we do it on the west coast BAABBBY

Rollin' down the Four O Five
Gettin' high
White boys done wrecked their shit
Tryin to check my ride
I ain't being bootsy
Crusin' in a Six-o Impala
Drivin' like I'm in a Hooptee
car full of ballin' caps
keep yo hand on the strap
and take all the craps
Niggas know my steel-lo
all legit
but I'm drapped
like a nigga movin' kilo
Shit don't stop
cuz i can make that ass drop
make the front pop
And Hit the three wheel motion
All Day
Hit the freeway
take it easy, uhh
Let's slide
And pick-up some hoochies
right back to the movies
talking back to the screen drinkin' liquor
Havin' big dreams of gettin' richer
I'm livin that

[Chorus (4x) (Tupac)]

Thug Life, y'all know the rules
gotta do whatcha gotta do (Stay True)

Big Stretch represent the real nigga
flex, Live squad and this mutha fucker catch wreck

Thug Life
sharp as a roughneck
Shakin' the dice, we roll long, ain't nothin' nice
so the vice wanna follow us around (raize up)
Got 'em runnin' as we clown thru the town (blaze up)
Another one, had to throw another gun
Don't need another case
you can see it on my face son
But I ain't fallin' yet
And I gotta give a shout to where my ball is at


Mophreme Tell 'em why the hoes dream
gettin high off a nigga like a dope fiend


Cuz I'm non-stop, and I'm always hustlin'
twenty four seven, ain't nothin buck
but when a young G's flippin keys for a livin'
Try to make a mill off the time I'm givin'
I'm crazy
Can't nobody fade me
And I been goin' insane lately
And everybody tryin ta hold me back
I'm about to snap
You better move back
You know I led a.....

[Chorus (4x) (Tupac)]

Thug Life, y'all know the rules
gotta do whatcha gotta do (Stay True)

Maaaannnn, I don't worry about the Five-O
if they start,
cuz it's all about survival
Just stay smart
Keep your mind on your bank roll
stay ahead of these stank hos
These days
It's an all out rat race
And look at MEEE just caught another cat case
That makes three
My laywers getting cash up the ass
Don't even ask
Why I'm buck wild ?
Don't smile
don't laugh
To the young G's comin up
peep game
Don't let the money make you change
or act strange
Stay broke
It's all in together now
Keep pumping loud
till the crowd
bring the top down
Is that Tupac Thug Life ?
Hell Yah
Try to dirty up my name
but it's still here
which way do I turn ?
i'm strapped
Lost in the storm
I can't turn back
with that...

[Chorus (4x) (Tupac)]

Thug Life, y'all know the rules
gotta do whatcha gotta do (Stay True)

How Long will they Mourn Me

How long will they mourn me
Yeah! This for my nigga Kato
It's still on nigga
Thug Life, Thugs for life
Ha Ha yeah, how long will they mourn me
Yeah nigga
2Pac in this muthafucka


All my homies drinking liquor
Tears in everybody's eyes
Niggas cried to mourn a homies homicide
But I can't cry
instead I'm just a shoulder
Damn, why they take another soldier
I load my clip before my eyes blurry, don't worry
I'll get them suckas back before your buried (shit)
Retaliate and pull a 187
do real niggas get to go to heaven ?
How long will they mourn me, bury me a muthafuckin 'G'
Bitch don't wanna die
then don't fuck with me
It's kinda hard to be optimistic
When your homies lying dead on the pavement twisted
Y'all don't hear me doe, I'm trying hard to make amends
But I'm losing all my muthafuckin friends (damn)
They should've shot me when I was born
Now I'm trapped in the muthafuckin' storm
How long will they mourn me ?


I wish it would have been another
How long will they mourn me
How long will they mourn my brother
(Got them niggas all dead and shit)
How long will they mourn me
I wish it would have been another
(Nate Dogg)
How long will they mourn me
How long will they mourn my brother
(Gotta keep this shit goin' on, Yo Syke)


How long will they mourn me
Every muthafuckin' day homie
You stayed down when tha other niggas didn't know me
From my heart to the trigga you my fuckin' nigga
And things won't be the same without ya nigga
I remember kickin' back, you wanted to lack
And goin' half on a muthafuckin' hundred sack
Smokin' blunt after blunt and steady drinkin'
Hung around so much, you knew what I was thinkin'
Tell me Lord, why you take big Kato ?
So confused not knowing which way to go
I'm goin crazy and runnin' out of fuckin' time
I can't take it, I'm losin' my fuckin' mind
So day after day
ride after ride
We'll hook up on the other side
Watch over your family and your newborn
Till we meet again homie
How long will they mourn me ?


I wish it would have been another
(Yo Kato)
How long will they mourn me
(It's still on nigga)
How long will they mourn my brother
How long will they mourn me
I wish it would have been another
How long will they mourn me
How long will they mourn my brother
(Rated R, Double Jeopardy, Mack 10)

[Rated R]

Damn a nigga tired of feeling sad
I'm tired of putting in work
I'm tired of cryin while watching my homies leave the earth
I know soon one day I'll be in the dirt
And my peoples'll be mournin'
When they get a call from the coroner
All niggas can say is that's fucked up
And get tossed up
Reminiscing how we grew up (my nigga)
Rest and love to my nigga Kato
See you in the crossroads real soon
For now let me pour out some brew
I'll be always thinkin' of ya homie
Rest in peace
How long will they mourn me ?

Ya know life's a fuckin' trip
And everybody gotta go
But why the fuck it have to be my nigga Kato
Another nigga fell victim to the chrome
It's enough to make you crazy
It's fuckin' with my dome
Ya only live once on this earth
A nigga had it bad, since the day of my mutahfuckin' birth
But niggas say they down and they always be my homie
But when a nigga gone
How long will ya mourn me ?


I wish it would have been another
(Mack 10 in this muthafucka)
Yeah, how long will ya mourn me
How long will ya mourn my bother
(Thug Life boy, Nate blowin' that shit,
Nate Dogg do that shit nigga)
I wish it would have been another
Yeah! How long will ya mourn me
How long will ya mourn my brother
(This for my nigga Kato and all his kids)
How long will ya mourn me
I wish it would have been another
How long will ya mourn my brother

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